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SnowCrest and Short Term Rentals

Did you know that XX percent of properties at SnowCrest are rentals?

Since SnowCrest is located in Mt. Crested Butte, the rules are a bit different than the town of Crested Butte. You can get all the pertinent information on getting a business license, pillow tax and more at their site.

Things to consider when renting:

- A solid contract -- VRBO has a standard but AirBnB does not have any option for contracts. The contract does not need to be lengthy but should cover the highlights if renters cause damage. VRBO tends to have more protection than AirBnB per customer but having your own additional layer may be a good idea. Use an online document signing application like HelloSign to help manage.

- Ensure that your renters are clear on the SnowCrest property rules ranging from hot tub hours, parking to pets.

- Have a list of reliable contractors from plumbing to electrical handy.

- Install all the apps on your phone :) If you want to consolidate, try SmartBnB to help streamline all communication with renters (regardless of platform) as well as your cleaning service, and management company.

- Focus on getting and writing reviews. Reviews will help you get found easier on search which will lead to more rentals. As host, write reviews for the majority renters even if it is just a short generic blurb.

What can we do as a homeowner community?

The Facebook group would be a great place to share insights or ask questions. If you are not on Facebook, post your questions via email to other owners.

- Share good contractors and contractors to avoid.

- If you are booked but have a renter interested, share other properties.

- Have a renter that was terrible -- let the rest of us know;)

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